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Pareto Nutrition vs. NewHealth Solutions – Which PAGG Stack Solution is The Best?

NewHealth Solutions and Pareto Nutrition are only two of the many different companies who are offering the PAGG Stack all in one supplement. Each of these companies claims to offer a real solution for those who are looking to buy this product. So how do you know which product is more effective and who will save you the most money? That is what you are about to find out in this review.

When looking at NewHealth Solutions and their PAGG solution, they look very promising. Here are a few key facts that make buying your PAGG supplement from them very appealing:

1. Best Price on PAGG- NewHealth Solutions has the almost the lowest price on PAGG in the industry. They are able to offer a very low price because of their high volume of sales and high reorder rate.

2. They are currently the a leading supplier of PAGG in the industry

3. Their PAGG supplement uses 150 mg of R-ALA at 100% concentration which meets the MED (Minimum Effective Dose)

4. Their PAGG is produced at a GMP certified facility- A GMP certified facility has met or exceeded certain standards set by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

Next you have PAGG by Pareto Nutrition which they call ìThe New PAGG 2.0. Here are a few facts about their PAGG solution:

1. PAGG comes in capsule form instead of tablet form- The use of capsules allows for better absorption of ingredients into the body and also provides for better protection to the ingredients as well.  The problem is the timing of the bio-availability.  The ingredients need to be available when your blood sugar is spiking, which is 60-90 minutes after you eat.  Immediate absorption capsules miss this timing.

2. Their PAGG uses 210 mg of Na-R-ALA which they claim is a more advanced form of R-ALA. It is supposed to be easier for the body to absorb and be more stable.

When trying to determine the better option of the two, PAGG by NewHealth Solution is the best option. With their solution, you will be able to get a high quality product at an affordable price. Although PAGG by Pareto Nutrition contains a more advanced form of R-ALA, the R-ALA found in NewHealth Solution is PAGG delivers the Minimum Effective Dose without the added cost of Na-R-ALA.

The Minimum Effective Dose is the minimum amount of something that is needed to bring about a desired outcome. The PAGG solution offered by NewHealth Solutions is just as effective as Pareto Nutritionís PAGG solution and it cost the least. This in itself makes the PAGG supplement by NewHealth Solutions the clear winner of the two.
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