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Tim Ferris launched his second book called the Four Hour Body back in 2010. One of the main topics he discussed on this book is the ability to loose unwanted body fat using unorthodox methods. Ferriss’ rapid fat loss philosophy gave way to the PAGG stack supplement industry where many of these companies manufactured supplements that contain four important and natural ingredients in which the author emphasized on his book. These four ingredients include Piconosol, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Green Tea Flavanol, and Aged Garlic Extracts.

4HB Stack VS 4 Hour Body Bundle

There are currently dozens companies that manufacture PAGG Stack but their ingredients that they’ve included on their supplements varies widely. This article will mainly discuss two PAGG Stack manufacturers who are currently marketing these supplements all over the world. This includes Kirkland Science Labs and The former produces the 4HB Stack and the later named their product the 4 Hour Body bundle.

People started using PAGG Stack because they want to loose unwanted body fat the quickest way and implement less work on their part. These individuals are also attracted to these weigh loss supplements because most of the ingredients that were included in them are natural. The ingredients that were included by Kirkland Science Labs and on their PAGG Stack supplements varies slightly and they will be discuss thoroughly below.


Tim Ferris considered Policosanol as one of the four important ingredients because it has properties the regulate cholesterol level in the human body. Scientists have observed that Policosanol decreases the level of low density proteins while it elevates the concentration of high density proteins. Kirkland Science Labs has added 23 milligrams of Policosanol that came from the leaves of olive plants. This is the exact amount that the author recommend on his Four Hour Body book. But for some odd reasons did not include any amount of Policonasol on their PAGG stack and this still remain a mystery to a lot of PAGG stack enthusiasts.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Ferriss also stated on his book that ALA is a very important ingredient because it has special properties that initiate the human metabolism to quickly break down body fat. This process encourages weight loss and provide ample of energy at the same time. Kirkland Science Labs also complied with Ferriss’ recommended amount of ALA which is 150 milligrams per capsule. also added ALA on their supplement but it is 50 milligrams less than what the author have suggested.

Green Tea Flavanols

Because some of the essential ingredients that were included in most PAGG Stack supplements tend to increases the human metabolism to help breakdown body fat, free radicals are likely to develop in the process. Free radicals are byproducts of human metabolism and have been known to create mutation in cells that can result in cancer development. Therefore, Ferriss included decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols, which has special compounds called Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG that combat the adverse effects of these free radicals by neutralizing them. The 4HB Stack incorporated 200 milligrams of Green Tea Flavanols per capsule while the 4 Hour Body Bundle packed in about 326.25 milligrams per capsule.

Aged Garlic Extract

The allicin from the Aged Garlic Extract function as an appetite suppressor so that the person won’t feel hungry most of the time. Additionally, this particular enzyme redirects excess carbohydrates away from the liver and toward the skeletal muscle cells so that the person will feel energize. Kirkland Science Labs included 200 milligrams per capsule while provided a whopping 720 milligrams per capsule.

Besides the four ingredients that were discussed above in which they were incorporated on the PAGG stack supplements that were manufactured by the two companies, other factors were also considered significant. This included other important ingredients such as biotin and other types of B vitamins, the numbers of capsules per package, and the price in which the products are sold. Kirkland Lab Science and added the recommended amount of Biotin on their supplement since it also plays an essential role in human metabolism, more specifically during gluconeogenesis. This metabolic process utilizes available but alternative substrates to generate glucose that the body will use as a source of energy.

The 4 HB Stack comes in two separate containers, one container is for daytime use and it has 78 capsules and the other is for nighttime use and it contains 26 capsules. Kirkland’s provide enough PAGG supplements that will last the person one whole month. The 4HB Stack supplement cost $59 for a month worth of supplement. included 60 capsules on their product, which will last the person for only 15 days since the manufacturer suggest to take 4 capsules per day. The retail price for’s 4 Hour Body bundle is $99.