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OK, so you have read “The 4 Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss, or you have at least heard about it. Now you are ready to purchase your first PAGG Stack all in one supplement. You may be a little confused about which brand to use. Everyone claims that their version is better than everyone elseís right? Well, there are two brands that appear to stand out in the market, the 4HB Stack (PAGG + Electrolytes), and ìThe New PAGG 2.0î PAGG Stack by Pareto Nutrition. In this PAGG Stack review, we are going to put these two products into an epic head to head battle and see which one comes out on top.

In the Red Corner- The NEW PAGG 2.0

Letís get started with “The New PAGG 2.0″ by Pareto Nutrition. They claim that their PAGG Stack is the best PAGG solution available because they use an advanced version of ALA in their stack. If you can recall, ALA (Alpha-lipoic-Acid) is responsible for the production of Vitamin’s C & E. It also aids in cleansing the body of toxic heavy metals. The claim that Pareto Nutrition makes for using their version of ALA, called Na-R-ALA, is that it is more effective, therefore you need to use less of it. The original PAGG Stack calls for 300 mg of ALA daily. The “New PAGG 2.0″ only calls for 150 mg of Na-R-ALA daily. Apparently, you are supposed to see an added benefit by using their version of the PAGG Stack.

In the Blue Corner- 4HB Stack (PAGG + Electrolytes)

Now letís take look at the 4HB Stack (PAGG + Electrolytes). In comparison to “The New PAGG 2.0″, the 4HB Stack uses all of the original ingredients that are required to produce a powerful PAGG Stack. While it does not have Na-R-ALA like Pareto Nutritionís version, it does have something that is essentially more important. The 4HB Stack also contains the three essential minerals that are crucial to electrolyte replacement in the body, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

It is critical that you maintain a balanced level of electrolytes. This is because electrolytes are responsible for proper cell and muscle function. Anytime you burn fat, as the PAGG Stack helps you to do, you are going to lose electrolytes, whether through sweat or water weight. Those lost electrolytes must be replaced and if they are not, serious medical problems can develop.

In “The 4 Hour Body” book, Tim does give you some alternatives that you can use as a source for electrolyte replacement with foods such as lima beans, salmon with bones, peanuts, mushrooms, and a list of many others. The 4HB Stack however, comes complete with those three minerals in it already. It is a fat burner and electrolyte replacement solution all in one. The 4HB Stack is the only PAGG Stack on the market that addresses the whole electrolyte replacement issue, making it by far the better PAGG solution available.

And the Winner Is!

In our comparison, there is more to gain by using the 4HB Stack (PAGG + Electrolytes) than “The NEW PAGG 2.0î. While Pareto Nutrition claims that their version of PAGG is more effective because of the Na-R-ALA, this is simply a matter of opinion based on who you ask. According to Timothy Ferriss’s original PAGG recipe, their advanced version of ALA is simply not necessary. On top of that, you still have to deal with the issue of electrolyte replacement by using this solution. It is also the more expensive of the two.

The 4HB Stack (PAGG +Electrolytes) is the complete PAGG solution. Not only will you get a product that uses the recommended PAGG ingredients, but you will also be able to have the added benefit of replacing lost electrolytes without having to resort to other food sources or dietary supplements. And as I have already stated, this solution is cheaper than ìThe New PAGG 2.0î. You will definitely get more bang for your buck with the 4HB Stack.

In a unanimous decision, the winner is- 4HB Stack (PAGG + Electrolytes). Now go to this link (your affiliate link goes here) to get your hands on this powerful all in one PAGG solution right now.