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What is PAGG Stack?

The word PAGG is an acronym for Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), Green Tea Extract, and Garlic Extract. PAGG stack supplements also have other ingredients but these four are the most important out of all of them. PAGG manufacturer such as Kirkland Science Labs and Pareto Nutrition incorporated these ingredients because they comply with Tim Ferriss’ stack supplement ingredients in which he described on his book the Four Hour Body.

Why Take PAGG stack Supplements?

One of main reasons that people start taking PAGG stack supplements is because they want to loose weight the natural way. Natural means doing nothing in extreme such as fasting or running a marathon every weekend for three months. However, in able for these weight loss supplements to work the person must be committed in doing some basic exercises, eating the right diet, and taking PAGG supplements properly. Just keep in mind that the supplement alone will not help anyone loose weight. They need to incorporate some basic exercises and eating healthy and balance meal.

Many PAGG supplement companies also included some essential B vitamins such as biotin. Biotin is an important enzyme in gluconeogenesis, a metabolic process where glucose is produced because the human body requires additional energy to fuel it.  During gluconeogenesis, biotin recruits amino acids and substrates to generate glucose molecules.

Where can you purchase PAGG?

The great thing about PAGG stack supplement is that you get all the four essential ingredients from each capsule you consume and there are a total of four capsules that must be taken everyday. The manufacturers such as Kirkland Science Labs had already done all the leg work for you by doing all the research, finding all the essential ingredients, adding the right amount that was recommended by Ferriss, and packaging it into an all-in-one capsule. If you’ve taken any of the four ingredients individually then you probably already know that finding Green Tea Extracts and Policosanol by themselves is very time consuming and a difficult task since not every drugstores and health store sells them.

When are PAGG Stack Supplements taken?

In general, PAGG Stack supplements are taken four times a day and 6 days per week. Manufacturer also emphasized that users should also take one entire weeks of rest and halt the intake of the supplement after every eight weeks program.